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Welcome to Shoalhaven Hunting Club Incorporated.

Next Dapto Meeting: Dapto Leagues Club, 11 June 2019, 7:30pm.

Next General Meeting: Bomaderry Bowling Club, 2 July 2019, 7:30pm.


For all general Club enquiries, contact:

Secretary - Leonard White 0406 412 911

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For all hunting property enquiries, contact:

Club Property Information - Mike Squires 0484 058 952


President - Rodney Haley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Other Contacts: Vice President - Wayne Fitzsimmons 0490 717 954.

Formation Of The Club

The Shoalhaven Hunting Club was formed on the 10th of December 1996 by 3 committee members of the Shoalhaven branch of The Shooters Party. The three committee members filled the positions of President, Treasurer and Vice Chairman. These members formed the hunting club so there would be a hunting club in the area that strongly supported the Shooters Party.

A membership form was included in the next issue of the Shoalhaven branch of the Shooters Party’s newsletter and the membership grew quickly to 40. The first meeting was held on February the 17th 1997 where the secretary and other committee members volunteered and were accepted onto the committee. One of those committee members resigned because he moved and 3 others have been added since to bring the total committee numbers up to 10. More recently the Club has confirmed its political neutrality.


Today the club has grown to over 400 members with 13 commitee members. The club has four Nowra and four Dapto mettings each year, including the AGM in October each year. The club holds four shoots at the Nowra Rifle club each year as well.

Shoalhaven Hunting Club Background Information

The Shoalhaven Hunting Club aims to provide a forum for all people with an interest in hunting to meet others, learn new hunting skills and promote and protect our sport. We hope to arrange or facilitate access to suitable hunting areas on private land, work towards the opening up suitable public lands for hunting of feral animals by appropriately accredited members, organise hunting trips, conduct training and education activities and prevent the further restriction of hunters rights by educating the general public and government.

Membership costs per year are $45 for adults, $75 for families and FREE for juniors renewable on 1st July each year (NOTE: there is a one off $20 sign-on fee). This entitles members to $10 Million public liability insurance cover while on officially recognised club activities, as well as member portal keeping you up to date with the latest developments in firearms and hunting laws and regulations, and the right to participate in other club activities. Membership of an approved Hunting Club is also accepted as a "genuine reason" for obtaining a shooters licence and owning and using a firearm as long as the member attends at least 2 club events per year.

If you are interested in hunting we would welcome your application for membership. It doesn’t matter if you are totally new, just starting out or an accomplished veteran of 40 years experience, there is sure to be something you can gain from becoming a member. The more members we have the more effective we can be.

Membership forms are available from this web site.

Code of Ethics

     1.   Members will at all times exercise safe firearms handling and hunting practices.

2.  Members will familiarise themselves with, and obey the laws pertaining to hunting and firearm use wherever they may be hunting or intending to hunt.

3.  Members will familiarise themselves with the anatomy of the animals being hunted, and will use a firearm of adequate calibre and projectile size to ensure clean and humane kills.

4.  Members will not shoot at animals that are beyond the effective range of the firearm being used, or that cannot be positively identified.

5.   In the event of an animal being wounded, the member will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the animal is located and dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible.  This does not mean that the member should act unlawfully or otherwise irresponsibly.

6.   Members will always obtain permission of the owner or controller of land before entering or hunting over that land and will respect and obey all directions that he/she may give.

7.   Members will avoid confrontation with and not infringe upon the activities of other persons who may be in the hunting area.

8.   Members will respect and protect the environment in which they hunt by removing, or otherwise disposing if all rubbish and refuse in an appropriate and legal manner.

9.   No member will act in a manner that could bring discredit to the club.

10. Members will endeavour to make good use of the animals they shoot.

Note:  Members who do not abide by this Code may be subject to disciplinary action or expulsion from the Club.