Code of Ethics

     1.   Members will at all times exercise safe firearms handling and hunting practices.

2.  Members will familiarise themselves with, and obey the laws pertaining to hunting and firearm use wherever they may be hunting or intending to hunt.

3.  Members will familiarise themselves with the anatomy of the animals being hunted, and will use a firearm of adequate calibre and projectile size to ensure clean and humane kills.

4.  Members will not shoot at animals that are beyond the effective range of the firearm being used, or that cannot be positively identified.

5.   In the event of an animal being wounded, the member will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the animal is located and dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible.  This does not mean that the member should act unlawfully or otherwise irresponsibly.

6.   Members will always obtain permission of the owner or controller of land before entering or hunting over that land and will respect and obey all directions that he/she may give.

7.   Members will avoid confrontation with and not infringe upon the activities of other persons who may be in the hunting area.

8.   Members will respect and protect the environment in which they hunt by removing, or otherwise disposing if all rubbish and refuse in an appropriate and legal manner.

9.   No member will act in a manner that could bring discredit to the club.

10. Members will endeavour to make good use of the animals they shoot.

Note:  Members who do not abide by this Code may be subject to disciplinary action or expulsion from the Club.