Formation Of The Club

The Shoalhaven Hunting Club was formed on the 10th of December 1996 by 3 committee members of the Shoalhaven branch of The Shooters Party. The three committee members filled the positions of President, Treasurer and Vice Chairman. These members formed the hunting club so there would be a hunting club in the area that strongly supported the Shooters Party.

A membership form was included in the next issue of the Shoalhaven branch of the Shooters Party’s newsletter and the membership grew quickly to 40. The first meeting was held on February the 17th 1997 where the secretary and other committee members volunteered and were accepted onto the committee. One of those committee members resigned because he moved and 3 others have been added since to bring the total committee numbers up to 10. More recently the Club has confirmed its political neutrality.


Today the club has grown to over 400 members with 13 commitee members. The club has four Nowra and four Dapto mettings each year, including the AGM in October each year. The club holds four shoots at the Nowra Rifle club each year as well.